1 Hour Short Term Loans

Privacy Policy

We at 1 Hour Short Term Loans strictly follow our privacy policy. We never share or sell borrowers’ information. Whatever information you provide us, remain secured with us forever.

At times, we do get requests to share borrowers’ information for marketing promotion, but we vehemently refuse to share it. We thrive on the basis of customer service. We can’t do anything that impacts our customer negatively.

Additionally, we take a number of measures to protect borrowers’ information from falling into wrong hands.

Our system uses all the latest software including Internet security. It is updated at regular intervals. Hacking of our site is a tough task even for the best of hackers. Till date, it has never happened.

When you come to apply for cash loans in one hour and/or fast loans with bad credit, our system asks you to create your account first. Creating your account helps to keep your information in separate folder.

When all the borrowers’ information is segregated in separate folders, it doesn’t become vulnerable in case the site really gets hacked sometime. After creating your account, you should also keep your log in information protected.

Sharing it with another person will make your account vulnerable. If you share your log in information and suffer loss due to unauthorized access of your account, you have to blame yourself only.

Our job is to inform you beforehand. Further, we give you the option to disable cookies at our site. It helps to protect the system from malicious attacks.

There is only one case where we might be forced to share your information with another body.

And, that is the case of legal issues. Unfortunately, if a legal issue arises and legal authorities demand borrowers’ information, we will be forced to provide them. You can understand in such cases we can’t do anything.

If we deny, we might be prosecuted. We can’t take the risk. However, this is a rare happening. We are yet face a situation like this. You should also not lose sleep over it.

Finally, we demand your information only when you apply for loan through us. Without your information, we can’t process your application.

If you only visit our site, we don’t prompt you to share information. Like many web sites do on various pretexts. What else we should do protect your information from getting misused.